Selling a house can be a daunting task, and the decision of how to sell it is just as critical. For homeowners in Hawaii, one option that might come to mind is selling their house at auction, especially if they need to settle a mortgage quickly. But is it really worth it? Let’s break down the pros and cons of auctioning your home and explore why “We Buy Your House Hawaii” could be a more beneficial alternative.

The Auction Process: A Quick Overview

When you think of auctions, you might picture a room full of eager bidders raising paddles. However, real estate auctions can also take place online, expanding the pool of potential buyers. Here’s a quick look at how the real estate transaction process works:

  1. Listing Your Property: You list your house with an auction company.
  2. Marketing: The auction company markets your property to attract buyers.
  3. Auction Day: Interested buyers place bids, either in person or online, when buying a house at auction.
  4. Winning Bid: The highest bid wins, provided it meets your reserve price (the minimum amount you’re willing to accept).

Pros of Selling Your House at Auction

  • Speed: Auctions are typically faster than traditional sales. Once the hammer falls, the sale is usually completed within 30-45 days.
  • Competition: The competitive nature of auctions can drive up the sale price if multiple bidders are interested.
  • Certainty: If your property sells at auction, the sale is almost always final, with fewer chances of the deal falling through, often avoiding foreclosure.

Cons of Selling A Home at Auction

  • Cost: Auctions come with fees, including the auctioneer’s commission and marketing expenses, which can eat into your profits.
  • Uncertainty: There’s no guarantee your house will sell for the price you want, or even at all, especially if you have a lien on the property. If your reserve price isn’t met, you may have to settle for less or relist the property.
  • Limited Buyers: Not everyone is comfortable with the auction process, potentially limiting your pool of buyers.

Why “We Buy Your House Hawaii” Might Be a Better Option for Selling your Home

At “We Buy Your House Hawaii”, we offer a streamlined alternative that addresses many of the cons associated with auctions. Here’s why you might prefer working with us:

No Fees, No Commissions

One of the biggest advantages of selling your house to us is that there are no hidden fees or commissions. The offer we make is the amount you’ll receive, ensuring transparency and simplicity.

Quick Closings

Need to sell your house fast to avoid missing a mortgage payment? We can close on your schedule, often within just a few days, preventing additional mortgage payments. This is especially beneficial if you’re facing foreclosure, need to settle a divorce, or have inherited a property you want to sell quickly.

Guaranteed Offers

With “We Buy Your House Hawaii”, you don’t have to worry about your house not selling. We make fair and honest cash offers, providing you with certainty and peace of mind.

Any Condition, Any Location

We buy houses, townhomes, and condos in any condition, whether they’re in East Honolulu, North Shore, Pearl City, or anywhere else in Hawaii. You don’t need to worry about repairs or renovations; we’ll take your property as-is.

No Obligations

Our offers come with no obligations, unlike those from a traditional real estate agent. If you decide it’s not the right fit for you, you’re free to walk away. We aim to make your selling experience as stress-free and accommodating as possible.

Comparing the Options

AspectAuctionWe Buy Your House Hawaii
FeesAuctioneer’s commission, marketingNone
Sale Speed30-45 days post-auctionAs fast as a few days
Certainty of SaleNot guaranteedGuaranteed offer
Condition of PropertyShould be presentableAny condition
Location FlexibilityLocal market focusStatewide in Hawaii


Selling your house at auction in Hawaii can be a viable option for some, but it comes with its own set of risks and costs. If you’re looking for a quicker, more certain, and fee-free alternative, “We Buy Your House Hawaii” is here to help. We buy houses across Hawaii, offering fair cash deals with no obligations, no commissions, and no hassle.

Ready to explore your real estate transaction options? Contact us today and see how we can make selling your house a breeze!


Q: What types of properties does “We Buy Your House Hawaii” purchase? A: We buy houses, townhomes, and condos across Hawaii, in any condition and location.

Q: How fast can I sell my house to “We Buy Your House Hawaii”? A: We can close on your schedule, often within just a few days.

Q: Are there any fees or commissions when selling to “We Buy Your House Hawaii”? A: No, we don’t charge any fees or commissions. The offer we make is the amount you’ll receive.

Q: Do I need to make repairs before selling to “We Buy Your House Hawaii”? A: No, we buy properties as-is, so you don’t need to worry about repairs or renovations.