The clock is ticking. Unfortunately, when a foreclosure is on the horizon, those words can be devastating. But, before it’s too late, you should take the initiative and take quick action with your lender to avoid foreclosure. When your property is in jeopardy, the uncertain conclusion can be stressful, and knowledge truly is power, especially when it comes to a financial problem as important as a foreclosure in Hawaii. You’ll have a clear blueprint to a better tomorrow if you educate yourself on the nuances of the foreclosure proceedings.

We’ve compiled the following advice to help you understand how to fight back against foreclosure in Hawaii

Make the First Step

The best method to fight the foreclosure in Hawaii is to be open and honest with your lender about any future financial difficulties or other challenges that will interfere with your ability to make your monthly mortgage payments. Your lender may be ready to work with you to keep the mortgage by arranging for special financial arrangements such as forbearance with a repayment plan or a mortgage modification. Working with a professional investor from We will help you understand your alternatives if you’re contemplating selling as a solution. If you believe you can afford the holding charges while waiting for a buyer, you’ll know how much you’d make if you used a real estate agent or sold directly to We Buy Your House Hawaii.

It Isn’t Too Late

If you’ve received letters from your lender but have been hesitant to take action to fight back against foreclosure in Oahu, contact your mortgage lender about a short sale or deed in lieu. A short sale requires permission from the lender and allows the property to sell for less than the amount owed on the existing mortgage. However, keep in mind that you may still owe the difference to the lender. As a result, we recommend you to weigh these possibilities for yourself. If you choose to sell to We Buy Your House Hawaii, in many circumstances, We Buy Houses Hawaii offers a guaranteed closure within a few days. Do you need a few extra days or weeks before you move? We Buy Houses Hawaii can schedule a time that is convenient for you. We are always completely open about how we calculated our offer, so you’ll agree it’s reasonable.

Time is running out.

Following the first missed payment, a foreclosure will appear on your credit report for seven years. This red flag could stay on your credit history for up to ten years, depending on the type of bankruptcy you file. Assume you have to choose between bankruptcy and foreclosure as the worst option for your credit. In that case, the unique circumstances that led to the foreclosure are the decisive element that will cause the least amount of harm to your future. Depending on your credit history after the occurrence, either alternative may make obtaining another mortgage difficult. Possible effects include fewer living possibilities, a reduced ability to obtain credit, and possibly missed job opportunities. We Buy Your House Hawaii could be the solution to your problems. We Buy Your House Hawaii will help you fight back against foreclosure in Hawaii by closing quickly and keeping your credit score intact. Furthermore, because We Buy Your House Hawaii’s expert investors will pay you in cash, you won’t have to worry about loan approval delays.

We Buy Your House Hawaii will take the time to listen to your situation. We Buy Your House Hawaii has years of expertise assisting homeowners facing foreclosure to overcome any obstacles. We Buy Your House Hawaii expertise will assist you in overcoming Oahu foreclosure. Send us a message or call We Buy Your House Hawaii for more information.